This week, Andy hosted AND STREAMED?! MAD!


This episode: Andy has been playing Super Mario Odyssey, PUBG and.... Yakuza 0?! While Antonio South Park: The Fractures But Whole, Clone Hero and Rocket League. We then had a loooong chat about anime pirates.


Then chatted shite for ages.




This week, Andy has bought a Nintendo Switch and Antonio has an i7 laptop. Game wise, Andy was busy with Splatoon 2, Zelda and Mario + Rabbids. Antonio has been playing Injustice 2, Cuphead and Crash Bandicoot. 


Welcome to the EGX 2017 special!.... Part 2? Combined Antonio and Andy played: 


Assassin's Creed Origins

South Park: The Fractured But Whole 

Mario + Rabbids

Dragonball FighterZ

Mario Odyssey

Sonic Forces

Super Luckys Tale

Far Cry 5

Detroit: Become Human

Monster Hunter World

Disneyland Adventures

Disney Rush


Dimension Drive 

Flat Heroes 

King of the Castle


It’s Quiz Time


Honeypot Espionage

Theatre VR

The Impatient

Hyper VR Party Ware

Shooty Fruity


Welcome to a 4 way podcast collab between the Veteran Gamers, Boss Wave, The Overseas Connection and oursevles! (Antonio is also representing the EntertainNerds!)

We talked everything EGX... except video games.

Bongo purchased a GameBoy, how modern. 


Welcome to episode 23 of YAP! This week, Andy has a new top tier gaming PC so in response.... he plays Destiny 2 on Xbox One..... Antonio on the other hand has been playing Yakuza Kiwami, Rocket League and Clone Hero!!


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Welcome to YAP 22! This week, we have messed up mics, Antonio looking at Yakuza Kiwami the entire show and Andy playing only one game!


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Welcome to the first ever live edition of Yet Another Podcast! This week Antonio gushes over Unitl Dawn, Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 4. Andy does gush over the brand new Sonic Mania, but was also very sad over GTA Online's new game mode and For Honor.


Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/yetanotherpodcast

Mixer: https://mixer.com/5707763

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/GHAMVs


Nothing like a bit of clickbait, eh? Except that acutally was part of the show.


This week we talk Antonio's rough time with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds along with games such as Persona 5 and Yakuza 0. Apologies to delay in this episode, my GPU died after around 2 months. Yay.


Streaming live starts soon, just waiting for Andy to build his PC.


This episode frankly went tits up! Audio gone, "YAT Podcast" and you're welcome to listen to this to this car crash episode!


Hello and welcome to YAP episode 18!

This week, Antonio talks hostel horrors, working for the BFI along with his love for Yakuza 0 while Andy talks Persona 5 (which he has beaten 142 hours later).

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