Welcome to the E3 Special!! This time Antonio had to represent YAP as Andy had to deal with personal issues, love going out to ya bro #NoHomoTho.


Ant plus Katie and Kyle from the EntertaiNerds and Karl from A Band of Gamers talk everything that happened on e3... when it came to press conferences at least.


Welcome to: A Band of Yet Another EntertaiNerds!


Antonio is here to give everyone a quick update with how the podcast is gonna go on for the next year along with announcing a collaboration with the Entertainerds! 


Welcome to YAP Episode 16, where we discuss WWE, anime, music, concerts video games and loooooooooots of Persona 5. Enjoy! (Yup... 3 hours.... we had a lot to say).


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Hi there and welcome to YAP episode 15 where in this one Antonio had to sober up during the podcast while Andy just kinda put up with it. In this we talk the normal jabba (video games, movies, anime, tv, wwe and the sort) so thank you very much for joining us and we hope you enjoy this episode.

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Welcome to episode 14 of YAP! We talk Steep, Resident Evil 7 along with the new to the UK movie, A Silent Voice. Lot's more on top of that of course but come and have a listen and find out for yourself what we spoke about. Cheers! 


Why, hello there. Welcome to YAP, episode 13!! On this show, Antonio gets f*ckin annoyed at Rock Band 4....well..... he would of it came in time for the recording (ps, the game didnt work), mods the hell out of his Guitar Hero 3 game and a lot Overwatch (Get ready for nerd chat about metas and characters). Oh. And more anger about Dead Rising 4. Andy on the otherhand has played Uncharted 4 among other games. Also, we have some film talk with how Antonio got looks from kids as he giggles at LEGO Batman.

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Welcome to episode 12 of the YAP podcast!

This week, we both have been playing some Overwatch while Antonio has been playing many SEGA Genesis games (Not Mega Drive...), the Naruto Storm 4 DLC: Road To Boruto and more while Andy has been playing the Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta along with... not much else.

Tired of the Switch yet? Well, how about listening to a disappointed gamer and a fool who got a Wii U talk about it? Doesn't sound bad, eh?  


Welcome to epiosde 11 of YAP! This week, Andy was in a Halo Role Play, Antonio freaks out over oddwold and we talk about what's coming soon! Stick around at the end for our usual b.s. of wrestling.


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Welcome to YAP Episdoe 10! This week we talk about games such as: Call of Duty 4 Remastered and Infinite Warfare, Gears of War 4 and Bloodbourne.


Also Antonio gets angry over Dead Rising 4.


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Welcome to episode 9 of YAP where in this episode we talk we we have been playing along with some gaming news! What games did we play? Listen to find out! 

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